Tips For Choosing Sidewalk Path Lights

Sidewalk lights are necessary for safety, but they also add greater dimension to your landscape after dark. Power Options There are three main power options — hardwired, solar, or a combination of the two. Hardwired lights are usually dependable since a string of cloudy lights won't leave them dim. They are a little more difficult to install since an underground power supply must be put in. Although the power cords can lay on the ground between lights, buried installation is preferred for both appearance and safety. Read More 

Reasons To Have A Professional Remove Snow From Your Business’s Parking Lots

Businesses need to be smart about every dollar that they spend, but that doesn't mean that it's a good idea to avoid certain expenses. If the winter is approaching and you know that a snowy parking lot will be something that you'll face, you might be thinking about hiring a snow removal service. Another part of you may be thinking about doing this work yourself or perhaps having some of your employees take care of it — all in the name of saving money. Read More